Does the Delivery System of your Skincare Products Matter?

Posted by Joyleeh Bueta on

Does It Matter?

Completely! Regardless of what number of amazing active ingredients a product has, it will do nothing except if the delivery system is similarly as good. Make sure you're giving close consideration to these and spend money on products that work.

Recently, the "delivery system" has become a significant trendy expression in the beauty world. Essentially, if your skincare product doesn't have a good one, it won't work. A great part of the radiant youthful glow on the skin is frequently accomplished through the delivery of advanced, active skincare products. These products are intended to work adequately on the surface of the skin. 

Effective Product Performance

Nonetheless, the performance of the most effective products are enhanced by active ingredient technology and above all by new targeted systems that deliver the dynamic ingredients to defined regions of the skin to accomplish the most beneficial outcomes.

Subsequently, a few strategies have been analyzed on the best way to increase the viability of dynamic elements for the skin and how to control the protective blockade making active ingredients more effective to positively enhance a desired outcome.

Four Fundamental Layers

The skin comprises four essential layers:

  1. The outermost layer, or the stratum corneum (SC);
  2. The viable epidermis (living tissue);
  3. The deeper dermal layer; and
  4. The subcutaneous connective tissue.

The stratum corneum comprises a solid layer of dead skin cells composed of dehydrated keratinocytes that are embedded in lipid layers. To reach living tissue, this defensive cover and blockade should be passed by active ingredients. Skincare products using active ingredients that cannot pass this barrier can have moisturizing and protective functions yet they can't influence the living tissue and, in this manner, can't modify or positively impact living cells to accomplish a longer-lasting result.

Active Ingredients That Work

Scrutinizing labels to try to determine what absolutely works with regards to delivery systems may be complicated. THE SKIN PROJECT BY DOCTORS skincare products has advanced delivery systems to get our active ingredients through the skin at the highest concentration possible.