Our Doctors


Dr Neal Hamilton MBBS BSc FCPCA ACCS

Dr Neal was the founder and previous owner of Sydney’s most successful Doctors only cosmetic practices CCM. He has lectured and taught extensively. Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Taiwan, London, Paris, Stockholm, Novosibirsk, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Mexico City have all been places that over 30 years he feels he has had the fortune to be listened to by other Doctors.

In 2018 he was invited as one of 20 medical practitioners, world wide, to a “Global Advisory Board” in New York for one of the big multinational organizations involved in the Cosmetic Surgical industry. Dr Neal has used, what he feels, are inferior versions of skin care in his surgeries.

Thus, he is happy to align himself with The Skin Project and give any insights and perspectives to anyone who is interested in learning about the finer points of high-level skincare.


Dr Mariusz Gajewski

“Helping people to look beautiful and feel their best is my passion.”

Dr Mariusz Gajewski has dedicated his career to medicine and the art of Cosmetic Procedures and Skincare. He graduated from the University of Sydney in 1995. Completing a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. Being a qualified doctor, his professional career includes extensive work in hospitals, specialising in Intensive Care.

Dr Maz has always had a passion for cosmeceutical high end skin care considering it one of the essential pillars of a good aesthetic regime. Dr Maz has aligned himself with The Skin Project as he had found it to be of the highest level of both aesthetics and efficacy. Apart from his strong passion for cosmeceutical skin care Dr Maz is also a non-surgical injecting specialist.