I need a Facelift

Sagging, Wrinkling, Crepey, Dehydrated.
Features like cheeks, mouth, eyes losing plumpness, volume and definition.


Morning and Evening
Aqueous Melt Cleanser Masque

Elevate Rejuvenate Serum
Hydration Consultant Moisturiser

Renovate Reset Renew Serum
Eye Specialist


Morning Treatment

EV Elevate Rejuvenate 
To a cleansed skin, Apply 2-3 pumps of EV in an upwards direction from neckline to hairline. Apply any residual product to the back of the hands.

HC Hydration Consultant
After EV, immediately apply HC from Décolletage to hairline to boost hydration and seal in the serums actives.

Skin Project by Doctors Skin Changer Tip
1-2 times a week, skip your serum. Instead, after cleansing apply a thick layer of Hydration Consultant to face and décolletage. 


R3 Renovate Reset Renew
To a cleansed skin, Apply 2-3 pumps of R3 Serum from neckline to hairline for. Use consistently for best long-term results. Apply any residual product to the back of the hands.

ES Eye Specialist
Take 1-2 pumps of Eye Specialist and apply in gentle upwards strokes to upper eyelid just below the brow. Apply Eye Specialist directly to crows-feet, lines and wrinkles at the side and below eye. Gently tap onto dark circles and bags below the eye avoiding direct contact with inner lids and tear line.

Morning & Evening

AM. Aqueous Melt
Dampen skin (unless using as a masque) apply 2-3 pumps of AM from neckline to hairline, massaging gently to begin melting and lifting make up dirt and grime. Take a soft face cloth to remove all traces of AM, or simply rinse away under the shower.

Skin Project by Doctors Skin Changer Tip
Two to three times a week, apply Aqueous Melt from bust line up and all over the face as soon as you step into your shower (or bath). Whilst you cleanse your body, allow the Multi-tasking cleansing masque to deep clean and exfoliate. Rinse before conclusion of shower and enjoy a day of perfected smooth and glowing skin that needs less makeup because the best cosmetic is great looking skin.

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