A Definitive Guide for Serums

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What are facial serums?

Facial serums are lightweight, quick engrossing fluids that are rich in dynamic ingredients, going from nutrients and peptides to minerals and different synthetics that advantage the skin. Compared with other skincare items that contain anywhere between 5 to 10% dynamic ingredients, serums can contain up to 70%. Due to this high concentration, serums are packaged into more smaller amounts.

How About We Look at the Famous and Powerful Serum Ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a serum ingredient that everyone is discussing. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in your skin also, half of your body's total HA is found in your skin. There are numerous researches that show hyaluronic acid as one of the best skin hydrators as a result of its capacity to tie with water and hold up to multiple times its own load in water.

These hydrating properties make hyaluronic acid an ideal ingredient in numerous serums. The Hyaluronic acid in your skin lessens after some time as we age.

Adding Hyaluronic acid to the skin as an effective application assists with keeping skin moisturised yet it should be joined with different ingredients to accomplish an all out skin hydrating bundle.

Natural Extracts

Numerous serums consolidate natural extracts in their ingredients. The idea behind "extracts" is to draw out the best and beneficial parts of the original source material in a concentrated structure. The most well known natural extracts are obtained from: green tea, grapeseed, rosemary, aloe vera and acai berries to give some examples.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a helpful serum ingredient since it can be absorbed into the skin through topical application. Vitamin C is a viable cancer prevention agent and has anti-inflammatory properties. It occurs normally in the skin and is a basic factor for collagen combination and elastin creation. Vitamin C is known to
secure skin against UV harm and is required in the skin for wound healing.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a mainstream face serum ingredient since it is a notable acne contender. The chemical composition of Vitamin E consists of four tycopherol proteins and four tocotreinol proteins, both are fat-soluble mixes. These proteins are a rich source of anti-oxidants that help skin retaliate against the damage brought about by free radicals. Diminishing the damage of free radicals helps your skin battle inflammatory conditions like acne.

Vitamin E also assist your skin produce collagen and elastin which in turn help to reinforce your skin. Healthy skin is the best
foundation to accomplish better skin hydration.


Retinol is only one of many related compounds called retinoids that are acquired from vitamin A. Retinol is a regular and famous serum ingredient since it accelerates the creation of new skin cells. Retinol likewise supports the creation of collagen. It lessens the presence of fine lines and wrinkles.


Your skin normally consists of 0f over 50% Ceramides. Ceramides are a group of lipid (fat) particles including sphingosine and a fatty acid. Ceramides are found in high concentration in the upper layers of the skin. Basically, you will
see the word ceramide on the ingredients label as: Ceramide AP, EOP, NG, NP, or NS.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA's)

Citric acid and malic acid are both viable AHA's. They are water soluble acids. These acids work by stripping away the top layers of skin giving way for new layers of skin to create. AHA's are well known serum ingredients for those searching for skin hydration and anti-aging benefits.

Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA's)

BHA's are oil soluble acids and their small atomic size permits them to infiltrate deep into the skin to help eliminate dead skin cells and purify the skin of extra sebum. BHA's are better intended for battling skin inflammation, while AHA's are more qualified for skin hydration.

Salicylic acid is one of the most famous BHA's found in face serums. It assists with eliminating the microorganisms that cause skin inflammation.


Peptides are the structure blocks needed to make protein. Peptides are sometimes  alluded to as "the particles of proteins." They are chains of amino acids.

When peptides are applied topically to the skin they impart signals for the creation of new skin. The particles that make up peptides are sufficiently small to infiltrate deep into the skin.

Matrixyl is one of the most notable peptides valued for its collagen animating properties.

Synthetic Blends

The expression "synthetic " isn't generally a terrible thing. Indeed with skincare synthetic mixes can have astounding  properties and benefits for your skin.

Replexium is a synergistic mix of two peptides that can be
delivered to the skin in a bio-available structure with a little
atomic weight. Studies have plainly shown that Replexium can battle a few sorts of wrinkles and can bring back firmness to your skin.

How about we investigate the most popular skin conditions and the serum ingredients you might need to look for to treat them:

Acne Prone Skin

Acne serums can help treat skin break out by both giving ingredients that straightforwardly treat the skin inflammation and by giving ingredients that the skin needs to manage sebum/oil creation. For acne prone skin search for serums that contain these ingredients:

Vitamin C – Increases collagen creation, improves skin's repair process and decreases inflammation.
Retinol –  An antioxidant that can reduce inflammation.
Zinc – Soothes aggravation and manage sebum creation.
Salicylic acid – Helps unclogs pores.

For acne prone skin we highly recommend Aqueous Melt. It allows the Multi-tasking cleansing mask to deep clean and exfoliate your skin while you shower. Rinse before exiting and enjoy a day of smooth and glowing skin.

Dry Skin

Dry skin serums give concentrated ingredients that can enter deep into the skin and treat the source of dryness. Dry skin serums can likewise be oil based and give the skin a defensive barrier that secures moisture. Search for these serum
ingredients to treat dry skin:

Vitamin E – A cancer prevention agent that shields cells from oxidative harm.
Niacinamide – Improves skin versatility and increase ceramide
levels in skin.
Glycolic acid – Gently sheds and helps the skin to reduce discoloration
Hyaluronic acid– Allows the skin to hold moisture.

For dry dehydrated skin we propose Hydration Consultant (50g). Hydration Consultant is a non-negotiable final step sending your favourite serum to new heights of performance whilst fighting free radical damage and boosting, smoothing and hydrating the appearance of the skin.

Dull Skin

Search for antioxidant rich natural extracts, for example, Green tea extract – An incredible antioxidant. 

Resveratrol – Combats free radicals and advances cellular repair.
Rosacea - For those who suffer with rosacea look serums that contain ingredients intended for sensitive skin. Avoid the acids, liquor and aroma! Some mainstream ingredients include:

Hyaluronic acid – A notable skin hydrator and anti-inflammatory.
Vitamin C – A anti-inflammatory that helps fix harmed skin
Vitamin E – An Antioxidant that secures skin against pollutants and UV rays.
Aloe oil – Soothing natural oil with anti-inflammatory properties.

Cellular Pigmentation Rejuvenation (50ml) Cellular Pigmentation Rejuvenation parts the dark clouds, fades the appearance of age spots and brings back memories of a clear bright skin. Gold Standard ingredients help wipe the slate clean.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

It's an unavoidable truth that as we age a significant number of the natural cycles that keep our skin healthy and hydrated begin to break down.

Environmental harm like pollution and UV beams don't help one bit either and they all join to leave our skin with wrinkles and fine lines. Search for these serum ingredient to best treat wrinkles and fine lines:

Retinol – Promotes skin restoration and upgrades collagen
Hyaluronic acid – A calming and skin hydrator.
Alpha Hydroxy Acids – For skin hydration.
Vitamin C – Helps invigorate collagen creation and fix
damaged skin cells.
Peptides – Stimulates the formation of new skin.
Natural extracts – Containing rich combinations of nutrients and cancer prevention agents.

Pollution Solution (50ml)
Broad Spectrum free radical scavenging antioxidant super serum. this serum feels so good and just absorbs straight into the skin. Skin feels like velvet afterwards and it’s a great primer.

There are a wide range  of serums, each with a novel reason and ingredients. A few serums help to light up your skin or diminish imperfections, while others center around boosting hydration or battling the indications of maturing.

A few serums work better toward the beginning of the day, while others work best when applied at night. If you require assistance contact The Skin Project By Doctors at: Phone: 1300 001 828

Call one of our dedicated skin professionals for advice on which product is suitable for your particular concerns