How to Get Rid of Clogged Pores

Posted by Joyleeh Bueta on

Clogged pores are the consequence of dead skin cells getting caught in your skin as opposed to being shed into the environment. Pores are small openings in the skin that discharge oil and sweat. You can tell if your pores are clogged if you notice whiteheads, blackheads, or an overall dullness to your skin's complexion.

Environmental factors also contribute to clogged pores. These factors include:
  • toxins in the air
  • oil from your hands transferred when you’re touching your face
  • sweat

1. Start with Extractions

The truth is that if your pores are clogged, you’re in need of a professional facial with extractions. You should schedule a facial that deep-cleans the pores and cleanses.

2. Cleanse Nightly

Have a bad habit of falling asleep without removing your makeup? Your pores are languishing! Going to sleep with a clean face is totally indispensable if you want your skin to be healthy and avoid breakouts. While we sleep, the body repairs the damage that occurred during your day. Stress, pollution, and the sun are just some of the everyday offenders that will prematurely age you, cause breakouts, clog pores, and create dull, lifeless skin.

If you leave makeup on your face at night, it is extremely unlikely the body can fix itself the way it needs to. This will prompt clogged pores today, loss of elasticity, and older-looking skin in your future.That's some genuine inspiration for beginning and adhering to an evening cleansing routine, regardless of what time your head hits the pad.

3. Introduce Salicylic Acid into your routine

To keep the pores from becoming clogged again, you’ll need to use an ingredient that can penetrate into the pore lining and keep it clean. Salicylic acid is brilliant for this because it’s an oil-soluble, keratolytic beta-hydroxy acid acclaimed for its capacity to help get out contaminations.

We recommend Aqueous Melt. A cleanser that lifts makeup, pollution and grime leaving you with polished, hydrated, refreshed, and balanced skin for twenty-four hrs. Gentle, effective, and moisturising. It contains Salicylic acid - one of the active ingredients. It is a cleansing and exfoliating agent which helps to remove dead skin cells and excess oil from the skin.


Keep your skin splendid, and your pores clean with consistent resurfacing and exfoliation. Exfoliating twice a week at home is key.

5. Add a retinoid to your routine

Retinoid is a derivative of vitamin A, and it has the capacity to limit the size of sebaceous glands and curb the excess oil production that can lead to clogged pores.

6. Make moisturising a priority

Moisturising is an absolute necessity. However, don't simply go after any cream. Use one that’s oil-free, since this won’t clog your pores further. Hydration Consultant moisturiser fits the bill, sending your favourite serum to new heights of performance whilst fighting free radical damage and boosting, smoothing and hydrating the appearance of the skin.

7. Treat

The fundamental cleanse-tone-moisturize-protect routine is well and good, but it helps to add just one more super product to treat and target specific skin issues. A serum, essence, ampoule, acid, or even a sheet mask are good products to consider as these are usually loaded with a higher concentration of active ingredients to address a particular concern.

Our Cellular Pigmentation Rejuvenation works on all melanin pathways to brighten complexion, add a boost of hydration, and diminish hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. There is a luminous quality to this formula that appears to smoothen skin texture and diminish pores’ appearance upon application.

The process of how to minimize pores doesn’t necessarily require a long skin care routine. Cutting down to just the basics is a more  reasonable approach to accomplish your skin objectives in terms of time, effort, and cost. Remember that a skin care routine only works if you stick to it.